Health Is Wealth Till We Keep Ourselves Healthy

Health, immunity and hygiene are something those has been much talked about during the steaming phase of COVID-19 pandemic. But what is the truest definition of health? What should be done to keep our body healthy? Hoe to determine whether we are healthy or not? Does not falling sick is the definition of good health? There are tonnes of such questions which always roam around a person’s mind whenever there is a discussion on health.

Being healthy and remain healthy are the needs of the hour and everyone is trying to achieve by their way. But the important thing is that the overall obesity factor around the globe is raising. Humans are getting exposed and being affected by many new diseases. And more and more medical facilities are being needed year by year due to the raise in the demand. The main problem is the immunity and the diet. We might get sweat in the gym for 2 or 3 hours but if our diet is not good then that gyming will not be as useful as a person aims for.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.”


Overloaded by the Burden of Diseases

As per the reports from IHME, there are tonnes of diseases that are impacting our body severely and this is the reason why our mortality is not up to that mark where it should be in this world of high technological development. Our body needs many important nutrients and minerals for its proper functioning and also for creating a protective shield for its safeguard. One of such nutrients is protein. Protein is needed for many of body’s functionalities like proper growth and better development of the children, pregnant women, teens.

It also helps in causing many of the biochemical reactions in the body that help in achieving vital functionalities like digestion, muscle contraction, blood clotting, energy production etc. But with the high demand in the body, excess intake of protein also causes some problems to the body. And everyone is well aware that how obesity is causing on the heavier dent on the human body as well on the national and global economies.

The New Threat to Human Race: Obesity

Obesity is not just a body deformity but is also a taxi for many dangerous diseases for the human body. From mental problem to bone related issues, obesity is hitting a human’s normal health in the worst possible manner. And this is why, every doctor, nutritionist, and wellness expert are putting more pressure on having a healthy meal. There are thousands of options to consume but that does not mean that we should consume each and everything. Everyone’s body requirements, routing and demands are different, so this is very important that a diet plan should be made in such a way that each and every requirement of the body is being fulfilled and the body organs get all the vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins for the better functionality of body.

Healthy & Balanced Diet: Our Ultimate Armour

According to WHO, a healthy and balanced diet means proper supply of all the nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, fibre, minerals and water. There are many things that are included in the meal like pulses, curd, meat, egg, fruits, vegetables etc. But unfortunately, we are living in a world where missing a meal is a normal thing. We do not have enough time to sit, relax and enjoy a meal.

We are in the mad race of advancement, growth and competition. And may be for this day only, many pharmaceutical companies have launched series of supplements that fulfil all the main demands of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. But fresh and original have their own advantages over these chemically made products. One such product is cookies made from good quality ingredients like milk, cocoa, millets, honey, egg and many such nutritive components. These are amazing sources of proteins and many other nutritive elements needed by the body.

Guess What, Now Cookies are Getting Healthier

Healthy cookies like oats Choco chip protein cookies, dark Choco protein cookies, peanut protein cookies etc. are easily available in the market but there are few makers whose quality, quantity and taste; all sync in the perfect manner. These are those healthy snacks which can fulfil the nutritive intake of your body from a single meal. There are hardly any chemical used in such products and these are mainly baked by naturally occurring ingredients.



Health is wealth if we provide better boosters to our body, and if not then the same the wealth will be invested in making the health. The way we lead our life, the things which we consume, the activities that we do etc. are very vital in gaining a healthy life. A healthy life is everyone’s dream but only a few could be able to live that.


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