Taste with Health: New Era for Cookies

Cookies are something which has a greater fan base all around the globe. There are multiple types of cookies being used worldwide. Wikipedia states that the cookies have been started baking as early as 7th century AD in Persia, shortly after the usage of sugar became popular in that area. And they spread to the European communities through the Muslim Conquest to Spain. Earlier this was considered as the royal cuisine, but by 14th century, this had widely accepted by people from all levels of the society and it became a widely accepted street cuisine from the highly sophistication of the royal kitchens.

Protein Cookies: Best Infusion of Health and Taste

Today, cookies are available in different taste and different crunchiness. From loads of crunchiness and chewiness to the healthy bites, this is gaining more and more momentum of getting involved in the daily diet instead of other junk foods. The main reason behind this is that cookies are being made up of healthy ingredients and can be infused with better health supplements like why protein, soy protein and the goodness of cereals in order to make them a great partner in making you healthy. There are many protein cookies which are famous in the market but there are few which rules the tastebud of customers. These are Choco chip protein cookies, dark chocolate cookies, oats protein cookies and peanut protein cookies. A new destination has come into existence which provides you the maximum protein in a cookie in the entire Indian Market and the name of this new entrant is Probake Cookies. Supplemented by researched based recipes and highly organic and healthy ingredients, this bakery has varieties of cookies to satisfy your taste bud and protein demand of your body.

Chocolate Protein Cookies

It does not need any evidence to proof the popularity and high level of acceptance of chocolates by people all around the globe. Probake Cookies offers Choco chip protein cookies and dark chocolate protein cookies under the hood of chocolate cookies. These cookies are pre-loaded with Whole Wheat flour, Whole Grain Oats with other healthy ingredient such as Honey, Whey protein, Soya Protein, Milk protein, Peanut butter. Each Protein Cookie packed with 16gm of protein per 50gm rich delicious snack filled with dark chocolate chips. These cookies are baked in the bakery with highly advanced machinery and methodologies. These will not only make your taste buds happy but will also fuel your body with ambient fuel to work properly. All off these cookies are completely hand-made and utmost quality assurance being taken care of for baking the high-quality cookies.

Peanut Protein Cookies

Peanuts are being considered as one of the highest proteins containing legumes. Each of our Peanut Butter Protein cookies is made from whole Oats, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Peanuts and with other healthy ingredient such as Honey, Whey protein, Milk protein, butter. Each 50gm Peanut Protein Cookie packed with 16gm of protein rich delicious snack filled with dark chocolate chips. If we will look at its ingredients then we will notice that each cookie is heavily loaded with goodness of healthy ingredients like Whole Wheat Flour, Whole Grain Oats, Whole Peanuts Powder, Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate, Soya Protein isolate, Edible Vegetable Fat (Hydrogenated Palm Oil), Peanut Butter, Jaggery, Sugar Powder, Honey, Whole Egg, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Binding Agent (Guar Gum, Xanthan gum), Baking Soda, Salt, Vanilla.

Oats Protein Cookies

It is very popular that people used to get goosebumps in the name of eating oats. Do you also fall in the same category? Whatever your answer is, we have the good news for you as Probake Cookies is in business to make you fall in love with taste and chewiness of its oat protein cookies. It means you will get the goodness of the oats and that too with good taste that make your taste buds linger for these cookies. These cookies are getting many positive reviews for its taste in the initial phase. The bakery is not only baking the tastiest oats protein cookies but all of its cookies are loaded with highest amount of protein in the entire Indian Market and that is 16gm per 50 grams of the cookies.

Cookies Care

Our Cookies are designed such a way can be stored in airtight container for least a week. To maintain the freshness of cookie here we recommended to freezing (-12°C to -18°C) best Before three months from the date of manufacture in close airtight jar or packing bag before it’s loses its overall moisture content. If you don’t have any plan to eat immediately. When ready to eat, just heat it at 350 F (177 C) for 5 min make it warm then good to go. Shelf life of our cookies in refrigerator chiller (0 to 5°C) for 2 to 3 Weeks.

This world is running at a very fast speed and one needs to be fit for survive this race. We need to make sure that we are supplying ambient and better sources of fuels to our body. Today, people are not having enough time to eat properly and therefore they should include such items in their daily which can complete their daily proteins, nutrients and other vitamin needs. We strongly recommend you to include enough fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and for fulfilling your sweet tooth, we have presented a range of cookies which are not only tasty but also helps in fueling your body by supplying adequate amount of protein. Grab a bite and fall in the deliciousness of these cookies.


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